Max. 150 kg / 330 lbs. Security. 80 km/h. 50 mph. 130 km/h. 80 Mph. 40 km/h 4 Nm. 6 Nm. 6 Nm. WW. NA. Thule Sweden AB, Box 69, 330 33 Hillerstorp, 


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med akustisk signal; Mäter för höger och vänster gång, skala i Nm och Ibs/fs; Drivning: 1,27 cm – fyra kanter; Referensvärde: 20–130 lbs/ft, 30–130 Nm  1 Spindlar; 160 mm Storlek på platta; 150 ft-lb Maximalt vridmoment; 130 °/sec Maxvarvtal. 美元价格不包括关税、报关费用、保险费、增值税及运费。 USD prices  4Y351-5 1 1 1 1 1 1 3pk 3pk 3pk 1 1 1 3 4 Otto Bock HealthCare lb. lb. lb. lb.

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moment (Nm) []. Avoirdupois (U.S.). kilopund per square inch (ksi). pund per square inch (psi).

How heavy is 130 ounces? How much does 130 ounces weigh in pounds? This simple calculator will allow you to easily convert 130 oz to lb.

Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results. Use this page to learn how to convert between pound inches and newton meters. Type in your own numbers in the form to convert the units! ›› Quick conversion chart of lb-in to N-m. 1 lb-in to N-m = 0.11298 N-m. 5 lb-in to N-m 1 Nm = 0.73756 ft/lb NOTE: The International Metric System measures torque in Newton meters (Nm).

130 nm to lbs

Moment of force unit conversion between newton meter and pound-force inch, pound-force inch to newton meter conversion in batch, N.m conversion chart

1 newton meter is equal to 8.8507457673787 lb-in.

130 nm to lbs

11 lbs. 40 km/h. 25 Mph km/h. Mph. Max. 75 kg. Мах. 165 lbs.
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41 N.M, 360 (PC/-, PO, PA/+). 41 N.M, 360 (R/L1.1, S/L2.1, T/L3.1, R/L1.2,  150 kg / 330 lbs. Security.

130.7 lb → M (kg) Solve the above proportion to obtain the mass M in kilograms: The final formula to convert 130 Grams to Pounds is: [Lb] = 130 x 0.002204 = 0.286 Like Kilogram or kg, the pound (lb) and gram (gm) are both used for the measurement of mass. Given below are the detailed history and description of the two units of mass along with their conversions from one to the other. The force value 130 kN (kilonewton) in words is "one hundred and thirty kN (kilonewton)".
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Hoeveel Newtonmeter is 1 Pound-feet? Rekenmachine waarmee onder andere lbft naar Nm (Pound-feet naar Newtonmeter) omgerekend kan worden. (Koppel 

›› Quick conversion chart of N-m to lb-in. 1 N-m to lb-in = 8.85075 lb-in Newton-meters to Foot-pounds (Nm to ft-lb) conversion calculator for Energy and Power conversions with additional tables and formulas.