Traction: Halo-Vest Your child has had an injury to the upper part of the spine. This injury requires a halo-vest. The halo-vest is a head ring with four posts attached to a plastic, fleece-lined vest (Picture 1). Your child's head is held in position by the 4 pins coming off the ring. The pins are attached to …


In addition, comments from patients and nurses identified the need for this information. Application. Halo traction is typically used for stabilizing cervical spine 

The halo brace allows the least cervical motion of all cervical orthoses currently in use; it was first developed by Vernon L. Nickel at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center in 1955. Orthotists 2008-05-31 · Abstract. Halo-vest orthoses have been associated with complications. Previous reports have suggested increased complications in elderly patients; however, data are limited. HALO; HALO TRACTION; HALO VEST.

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time of the halo-vest application. • Shirts can be modified or tailored to fit around the halo and vest. • Shirts with snaps, buttons, or zippers may be helpful during this time. • If handy, you may alter clothing with Velcro. See website for ideas Shoes •Do not wear high-heeled shoes. Shoes with low heels and traction are best for your

To aid the healing process, the Vest to ring connectivity allows flexibility and ease of fitting for the clinician with vests and rings inter-changeable. Ring and traction bale can be connected to provide gravity traction. For all details on instruction for use of the various items within the halo system, visit 2003-06-01 · Halo vest traction technique. After application of the halo vest apparatus, cervical traction is achieved gradually and stepwise by turning the bilateral screw bolts that hold the halo crown (arrows).

Halo vest traction

Decompression of the spinal cord or spinal nerves, by skeletal or skin traction, of the vertebral column and supporting soft tissue, with traction, a halo and vest, 

The patient is in a supine position on a stable surface. After halo traction and spinal fusion surgery, the child will need to avoid high-impact activities for several months while their spine heals and their muscles get stronger. They may need to wear a halo vest or orthopedic vest for a period of time after leaving the hospital. The ReSolve® Halo system is recommended for use in traumatic or chronic disorders of the cervical spine that require traction. It can be used to align the ve Custom vest sizes are available upon request and can be shipped in 24 hours or less (in most situations).

Halo vest traction

Metal posts attach the halo ring or crown to the halo vest. 2021-03-04 · The halo brace lets you get out of bed and start moving sooner after your injury. The halo brace consists of: A metal ring that circles your head without touching your skull. Pins that go through the metal ring and are screwed into your skull. A movable frame that connects the metal ring to a plastic vest.
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Closed reductions should only be performed in conscious patients  The invention pertains to a traction brace for the head and neck wherein a head engaging ring is supported upon a torso-mounted vest. The vest consists of  The Halo vest may be applied post-traction or post-surgery to maintain achieved spinal alignment. Halo Cervical Traction – Scoliosis. For some potential surgical   Big, baggy clothes with buttons or zips are easier to wear over the traction equipment than tight fitting garments. It may be best for your child to wear clothes a size  CPR with Halo Neck Brace.

Orthotists 2008-05-31 · Abstract. Halo-vest orthoses have been associated with complications.
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and that the use of a halo-vest or surgical stabilisation are effective alternatives. Bed rest and traction are poorly tolerated by old people. There should be a 

They will help you to get used to the traction equipment. It is placed at the time of the vest and halo application. The vest may also be lined with sheepskin. Do not place additional clothing under the vest. The doctor will assess your child’s ability to walk. Shoes and boots with low heels and traction are best for safety.