This 1962 Vespa is up for sale at Mecum’s Kissimmee Summer Special auction on August 29, 2020, so if you’re actually interested, better get on the horn quick, and start bidding. If you’ve got questions, see if Mecum will get you the answers, and cross-check those with Vespa collectors.


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You deserve a reliable source for all your Vespa needs and we strive to be your go-to shop. We don't just sell Vespa parts, we live and breathe Vespa. Brand New Patrol/Fuel Tap Assy Vespa Vbb Sprint Rally in Best Quality. (since 1956), LD 150 new.

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Brand New Patrol/Fuel Tap Assy Vespa Vbb Sprint Rally in Best Quality. (since 1956), LD 150 new. AU $63.80. Free postage. Scootopia Vespa fast flow fuel tap (with The Vespa 150 TAP. This anti-tank scooter was a novel concept at its' time and still probably is for most people as it is the only machine ''commonly'' known as an ''anti-tank scooter''. And that really is what it was.

Seen at the new Vespa Museum is the decades-old 150 TAP, featuring a top speed of 40 mph and yes, an integrated M20 recoilless rifle / light anti-armor cannon. The 150 TAP was used by French special forces in the Algerian and second Indochina war, and about 500 of these were made.

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Vespa 150 tap for sale

Apr 19, 2017 Ordered by the French military in 1950's, Vespa TAP 150 was produced by ACMA, the licensed French manufacturer of Vespa models. The model 

Both models had a "Piaggio" shield affixed to the center of the legshield just below the headlight. The Allstate had a raised badge in the shape of the United States with "Allstate" in the middle attached to the right side of the legshield in the place of the "Vespa" badge, and no "Piaggio" shield was placed on the scooter. The Vespa 150 TAP is a Vespa scooter modified for used with paratroops. Introduced in 1956 and updated in 1959, it was produced by Ateliers de Construction de MOtorcycles et Automobiles, in France Köp Vespa moped & scooter online eller i vår butik i Stockholm hos oss på Kö Vi säljer mopeder och scooters från Vespa med prisgaranti. American Scooter Center Vespa Cozy Side Car - This is a Cozy Rocket sidecar with mounting hardware to fit on most vintage Vespas and Lambrettas. This may not mount directly to very early models (pre-1950) or to some of the newer Vespa models like the ET2/4, LX, or Gran Tourismo.

Vespa 150 tap for sale

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5 offers for Piaggio Vespa 150 GS for sale on The Vespa 150 TAP (or “Truppe Aero Paracadutate”) is objectively one of the most bonkers motorized two-wheelers ever conceived. Produced from ’56 through ’59, the “Bazooka Vespa” as it was often called, was designed to be airdropped behind enemy lines, where its 75mm M20 recoilless gun — which could penetrate armor up to 100mm thick — was used to hunt Soviet-made tanks. The TAP was an ACMA-badged Vespa with a 250cc 11hp two-stroke with a three-speed transmission and 8-inch wheels.

The Vespa TAP 150’s construction was very cheap, with an estimated cost of 500$, so it was the perfect weapon for anti-guerilla warfare. Piaggio Fly 150 Motorcycles for Sale - MotoHunt.
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Från två hjul till inga hjul. Lamborghini Museum Tour med Fabio Lamborghini: Museum. Lamborghini Vespa. Vi blev förvånade över att se Lamborghini “Vespa” 

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